I’m Finally Starting a Blog!


My name is Crimson.  I am a 32 year old mother of three.  Two of them are mine and I inherited the third little ray of sunshine through my relationship.  We live in a 3-bedroom upstairs apartment with a dog who sheds at an unnatural pace and two cats that drive me batshit crazy.  But we have a lot of love here, and for the first time in my life I feel like I am at peace, like I’m where I’m supposed to be.  It’s an odd feeling to have when you’ve spent the first thirty years of your life in turmoil, but I’m willing to give it my all because I’ve never been happier.

From a very young age, I was always interested in both reading and writing.  I was a bookworm to the very depth of my core and I got teased for it relentlessly and I didn’t give a shit.  That’s how much I loved it.  I read any Stephen King novel I could get my hands on, and he was such an inspiration to me as a writer because of the intricacies of his stories.  (Also because he liked to describe the smell of stale farts, but mostly because of his talent.)  Did you know that most of them are interwoven somehow, like a giant, 50-novel quilt?  That takes some real thought!

By the time I hit grade 5 and 6, I had written two 300-page stories and submitted an excerpt of one of them to a publisher.  This was, of course, promptly declined, and as stupid as it sounds, even though I knew Stephen King kept a nail on his wall FULL of his rejection letters, I kind of lost heart.  I honestly don’t think I have written anything fiction ever since.  I still have all my binders with all my stories in them, and I look at them from time to time, but I haven’t done a damn thing with them.  And it’s funny because people are always telling me how good I am at writing, and I’ve always felt like it was the easiest form of communication for me, but I just couldn’t do it.  I lost all form of creativity and the only thing I am any good at writing about is myself.

A year or two ago, I took a trip to Chapters with my younger brother and my kids.  My brother is a funny character, he has this long shaggy hair and a scruffy face and he likes to smoke weed and chill out but he has this other side of him that I find hilarious–he loves to invest in stocks and bonds and mutual funds etc.  So he was in that area looking for books on the stock market, and we spotted a book about blogging.  He told me he would buy it for me if I promised that I would start a blog.  To be honest, I never did get through that book, but the thought has always been there in the back of my mind, mainly because I made that promise.

Things were always in the way–I’m a mom, first and foremost, and my oldest has Type 1 Diabetes, so a lot of my mom time is invested in meal planning and carb counting.  I was chasing the wrong men around, wasting my life on them, always feeling like I needed to get that area of my life sorted out before I could relax and sit down and write something.  Work takes up time too–you know, all these excuses kept me from pushing forward.  But I’m here now and it’s SO EXCITING.

So that’s a bit of my background and sort of where I’m coming from.  As far as this blog is concerned, I plan to write at least once a week, and I want to touch on a few different topics such as parenting, family, relationships, children, pets, my struggles with my body image and fitness/weight loss, and anything else that comes to mind. Hell, I might even throw the odd recipe or craft in here.  I’ve had people tell me I am funny (and personally I agree, I don’t even care if anyone else does) so I plan on trying to incorporate my sense of humour into my writing, and hopefully some people will appreciate that.  I also enjoy taking ridiculous pictures of myself so I’m sure I’ll have some of those in here too.

Many thanks for reading, and I look forward to my second blog post! 🙂


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