Tentacles or Testicles?

This morning I was in the kitchen, doing the dishes from last night’s dinner and listening to Lana Del Rey.  In the dining room I could also hear my sons and my stepdaughter conversing over breakfast.  My oldest, Liam, was talking about sushi, and how calamari sushi is made from squid tentacles.  The other two kept accusing him of saying “testicles”.  Finally, I piped in and said “Are you guys talking about testicles over breakfast?  It’s too early for balls.”

This, of course, resulted in giggles, and Liam insisting that he had not in fact said the word “testicle”. Breakfast continued with no further incident.

This is my life.


4 thoughts on “Tentacles or Testicles?

  1. Haha, “to early for balls?”
    Like it’s something they always talk about
    But not this early? Haa!

    Never got into sushi.
    Love fishing and eating, but I have to have it cooked. Squid testicles for bait.

    Next time have them try bull testicles ( a delicacy) they’ll never ask for testicles again.

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    1. Lol the boys do try and talk about their “balls” sometimes and I have to keep them in check. Especially in front of the little lady.

      The best sushi to have is cream cheese and eel rolls! Those are the best.

      No bull testicles in my house, I’m outnumbered as it is!

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