Holiday Tidings

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote.  Usually I will get some sort of inkling as to what I would like to write about, and then once I sit down and start it just kind of flows out of me and it’s easy.  I was just on vacation for 12 days and I don’t think I opened my laptop once except to play this embarrassingly mindless online game I’m addicted to.  I spent my time off cleaning the apartment, keeping up on the dishes and vacuuming, cooking for the kids, attending a couple of Christmas parties, and I even spent one entire day in bed playing Yahtzee on my phone.  I took the dog out to the woods to run a few times and made it to the gym once.  But I didn’t read or write at all.

We did manage to take out the Christmas decorations and put up the tree, although we haven’t put the boxes away again so the house is still in disarray despite all of my hard work.  But this is our first Christmas all together in our apartment as a new little family, and even though I was exhausted it was fun to put on the Christmas carols and see everyone getting excited and putting things up.  The past few years I was mostly on my own for Christmas and with having to buy for the kids and the family, it felt like more stress than anything.  I haven’t truly enjoyed the holidays in quite a few years, and couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over and done with.  But this year we have been slowly getting our shopping done together over the past few weeks, finding some great deals and I’ve also discovered that my fiancé is actually pretty fun to go shopping with.  The other day we went to Walmart to check out the toys there and I couldn’t get him out of the Hot Wheels section for over half an hour.  He’s used to shopping for a little girl, so I imagine it is much more fun for him to be able to shop for the boys.  Additionally, I am finding that his good financial sensibility is factoring into my shopping habits, as usually I would not only be buying for other people but I am typically also sucked into all the awesome deals they have on things this time of year and I end up buying a bunch of crap for myself as well.  I’ve made lists and budget sheets and for the most part I’ve stuck to them pretty well.  This year we are sharing the financial burden of everything, we are a partnership and a team unlike anything I’ve had before, and I have actually been able to enjoy the holiday season.  We are both working on Christmas, but we are definitely prepared.  And that’s such a nice feeling.

Hopefully everyone else is doing as well as we are.  I understand this time of year can be hard on a lot of people, either due to the loss of a loved one, being alone, being strapped for cash, or any other reason, but sometimes trying to let go of that and being festive and getting into the spirit of things can work wonders.

A few of my posts have been heavy and on the longer side, and I don’t mind leaving this one short and sweet.  I wish everyone the Merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of Holidays, whatever your belief system or tradition may be, and let’s push to make the 2017 better than 2016 could ever dream of being.







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