Untitled Rough Draft

I wrote this probably 5 or 6 years ago.  It has been sitting in a folder on half a piece of paper, waiting for me to take it out and try to do something with it.  I figure rewriting it somewhere safe is best for now, but does anyone have any ideas where I should take it?  It could be a short story, or it could be a longer one depending on the adventure these three are on.  They could be runaways, they could be orphans, they could be from the past or the future.  Really, anything is possible.  What do you think?


The trees parted to reveal a vast expanse of lush green field which stretched before them in all directions as far as the eye could see.  The faint breeze made it seem alive, ebbing and flowing like an ocean, drawing them into it with its steady tidal movements.  For a moment they were mesmerized by the beauty of it; the flawless blue sky above them; the sun which shone down steadily, playing on the surface of the grass and adding to the oceanic illusion of its currents.

The girl felt her breath catch in her throat as she observed the gorgeous scenery, and suddenly she remembered herself.  She let out a whoop of joy and dove into the field at a run, her arms outstretched as she danced and pirouetted through the knee-high blades of grass, her face upturned toward the golden rays of the sun, relishing the picture-perfect beauty that surrounded her.

The two boys looked from the girl to each other and then ran out after her.  They shouted and jumped their way through the field until, out of breath, they finally caught up with her.  She was standing on the top of a ridge, staring down at more grassland, at the very edge of which lay a small mountain.  From where they stood it looked as though it would be at least two days before they reached it.  Two days of walking through a small piece of heaven.

They sat down to rest, the girl between them, her feet straight out in front of her.  Her white cotton skirt was flared out all around her, and her blond tresses were blowing gently in the breeze, encircling her head like a halo.  They were silent for a time, absorbed in their thoughts, and finally the younger boy spoke.

“What do you reckon lies beyond that mountain?” he asked.

“We don’t have much choice but to find out,” his brother replied.  He ran a hand through his sweaty chestnut hair, smoothing it away from his forehead.


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