Fun Times at a Family Wedding

So, on Saturday of last week we had the pleasure of attending literally the nicest wedding I have ever been to.  I have only been to a handful of them, and those were all extremely nice, but you could see that there was immense attention to detail in the planning of this event, as well as the wedding shower which was adorable too.  Not to mention that I was not in the wedding party for this one, so I was able to just enjoy the entire thing without any pressure, which works for me.

Crimson 02

I came as Trevor’s guest, and the bride is his cousin.  We met at his mom’s place to finish getting ready and had mimosas, which was a nice light afternoon treat.  Everyone looked awesome.  We cleaned up so well!  And a couple of us managed to take a cute little selfie:

The Girls

The wedding and reception were both held at Queen’s Landing, and I have never been there before but considering its location in Niagara-on-the-Lake I expected it to be upscale.  For many years during and following my separation and divorce, I was very bitter about marriage and swore I would never get married again, so weddings weren’t all that fun for me on the occasions where I did attend.  But look at me now, all engaged and shit, and finally in a place where I can completely appreciate and admire the meaning of the union taking place.  I was excited to go!

The theme of the wedding was travel.  The invitations were adorable.  When we found our seats, there were little paper bags that read, “In case of (e)motion use this” or something along those lines, and inside were individual tissue packages and some mints.  It was a cute touch.  The colours were gold, pink and white from what I could tell, and at the altar was a panel filled with flowers that gave it a very “Springy” feeling. There was a keyboardist playing more modern romantic songs, and when the beautiful bride came down the aisle it was to “1000 Years” by Christina Perri, which is a song that I absolutely love, and that’s when I started to get all teary-eyed.  I didn’t need the tissues though!  She looked absolutely stunning, with flowers in her hair and a gorgeous white gown.  The ceremony was lovely, with the ringbearer and flower girl aiding the priest in providing some comic relief, and it was only about a half-hour in all but it was short and sweet.

We had some time to kill before the cocktail hour, so we went and had a drink at the hotel bar and got a chance to check out a bit of the outside of the building when Trevor and I walked up the street to catch a Pokemon and get our daily spins in.  Yes, you read that correctly, we even played Pokemon at the wedding.  That’s how nerdy we are.  I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some more of Trevor’s family, and they were all very friendly and easy to talk to.  Trevor looked fantastic in a white collared shirt and tie, and I felt pretty in my dress with my hair done and my makeup on point.

The cocktail hour was held in a gorgeous foyer which had a patio overlooking what I initially thought was a greenhouse until the sun went down and I realized it was actually the hotel pool.  They had hors d’oeuvres, all of which were amazing, and an open bar which is always exciting.  I had a couple of glasses of white wine and fell in love with some cracker thing that had prosciutto and blueberry cream cheese or something on it!  Can you tell I’m from Port Robinson? Lol

Dinner was lovely; each table represented a different country, and ours was France.  There were favours at each place setting, and I got a baby succulent plant in a glass.  There were even tiny paper planes on the edges of our drinks!  We ate and had wine and throughout the dinner there were speeches and of course the garter and bouquet toss.  I debated going up because I am already engaged, until Trevor’s mom came up to me and grabbed my arm and said “Get up there with Megan right now!” (Megan is Trevor’s sister).  So I went up, cause you don’t fuck with that woman, and the bride tossed the bouquet and it literally smacked Meg in the face and flew between us onto the floor.  We both looked at it and some other lucky lady claimed it instead, but we were dying laughing anyway.

Table 1

The MC decided to surprise the bride with a “preview” video they had put together of footage they had taken throughout the day.  We got to see some behind-the-scenes clips of everyone getting ready, and that’s when I cried.  It was just so beautiful, and all I could think was, “Soon this is going to be me, I’m going to marry my best friend too.”  We are getting married on a much smaller scale, so things will obviously not be quite as fancy, but the actual union is what truly matters.

After dinner we danced, and I have to admit it was tough to keep up with Trevor’s mom and his sister.  Those girls have got some moves!  I kept dancing until I was sweating and I even had a dance with Trevor’s stepfather, one of my future father-in-laws.  His brother surprised me by coming up and dancing with us for an Irish jig, and I kept trying to get away from him because he had his hand on my waist and I was sweating my ass off.  #chubbygirlproblems.

There were two major highlights to the rest of night, and I’ll need to elaborate a little bit in order to explain them properly.  I’m going to apologize to the bride right now as I meant no disrespect to her and I hope she is blissfully unaware of the first one (until now, that is).  The first thing you should know is that I am a small-breasted woman and I absolutely hate wearing bras.  On any given day off, I am usually going about my day with the girls flying free.  They don’t go anywhere anyways, that’s what I always say.  So when we were getting ready to go, I decided that since my dress had built-in cups, I was not going to put on a bra.  My plan was flawless, except for the fact that I have lost some weight and the dress doesn’t quite fit me the same as it used to.  So as I was dancing with Trev in the midst of the dance floor, my strap slipped off my shoulder and the right boob just popped right out.  I covered myself quickly but we could not stop laughing and of course I had to go and tell the whole family.  Later on, they both tried to escape, but I think we caught them in the nick of time.

The other thing was the icing on the cake.  I’m gonna tell you a bit about my future mother-in-law.  First of all, I know the trend is that usually the wife and the mother-in-law do not get along.  This is not the case in our relationship.  I think she is fantastic, and I think she thinks I am too.  We love having wine together and I usually pour my heart out to her on those occasions.  She is absolutely beautiful, and the wedding was no exception.  She works hard to maintain her figure, going to spin class, yoga and usually some sort of boot camp class every week, and you can tell.  She has legs for days.  I admire her in many ways, because she has a lot of motivation and dedication to herself.  She is classy as fuck.  So I was in awe of her that day, with her hair and makeup all done up and her beautiful dress and her legs for days.

We were out on the patio smoking towards the end of the night, and her kids started bickering in a joking way about who gets the house in the event that something ever happened to their parents.  She was sitting on a bench partaking in the “argument”, when all of a sudden she got up, tossed her smoke, looked at us and said, “Let’s go fuck this shit up.”  Then she turned away from us, pretended to drop the mic, and raised her hands up as she waltzed back inside like a fucking panther.  I can’t remember the last time I saw something so priceless, and I told Trevor that I am going to remember that moment forever.

After the wedding cake was cut, it was set up in the foyer on a table alongside a plethora of delicious sweets and treats.  CHOCOLATE. DIPPED. OREOS.  Lindt chocolates, chocolate dipped pretzels, peppermint sticks, and everything in line with the colour scheme.  It took every ounce of willpower I had, which by that point in the night was dwindling, not to throw myself at that candy buffet.

All in all, I would have to say that this event was an absolute success.  We drank and enjoyed ourselves, but not too much, and I did not make an ass of myself (aside from the occasional nip slip), so I was quite pleased with that.  We left at midnight and were home in bed by 1am.  We drove his sister home and she really opened up and talked to us about her plans for the future.  She is much younger than us, and has her whole life ahead of her, which is so exciting, and she seems to have such a good head on her shoulders.  I’m very proud of the fact that soon I am going to be an official part of this family.  I got to dance with my future husband, my future mother, sister, brother, and father-in-law, and I loved every moment.  I was so elated that I thought about that night for days afterwards.

I want to thank the bride and groom for allowing us to be a part of their special day, and compliment them on their efforts to make it so very memorable.  And I’m not making any promises, but maybe next time we get together I will actually wear a bra.


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