Happy New Year! And other updates

A little update on our crazy family! … More Happy New Year! And other updates


Love Yourself

I’ve been thinking on things over the last little while, and I think it would be good to write about self-care. Over the past 10+ years, I have been working full time hours with a schedule that was all over the map, and often my body had no idea which way was up.  My digestion … More Love Yourself

A Tribute to Boo

This past month, our family got a little bit smaller. When I met Trevor, he lived in an apartment with his daughter and two cats, a male and a female.  Generally, I get along really well with all animals.  I have a lot of experience, having worked with them and also having owned them all … More A Tribute to Boo


Anxiety is like a snowball. It starts out quietly; a scoop in the palm of your hand, the smallest seed of doubt. It grows the more your mind works on it. It molds and shapes it into something firmer, something solid. You can feel the negative self-talk battering you like ice flakes in a storm. … More Snowballs

Broken Homes

It’s hard to be a part-time parent. I feel for every single broken family in existence. Especially the children. When I was pregnant with my kids, I had this image of how my family was going to be. I’d have support from my spouse, we’d raise them together and enjoy watching them grow up to … More Broken Homes


Today I had a rough day. I was cranky, I was vocal, I overshared my feelings. I was tired. Mentally drained. I got home, and I saw my dog looking at me in anticipation. And he was fucking adorable. He melted away the tension that had built up inside me throughout the day.  I put … More Today

Stupid Stuff I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 4

And now, on to the big fish.  As you can imagine, ten years is a long time to collect stupid stories, especially for someone like me, who cannot seem to avoid doing stupid things. For this entry, I am thinking I will try to make it more of a point form list.  That’s tough for … More Stupid Stuff I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 4

Stupid Stuff I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 3

After my illustrious career job at Walmart came to a tragic end, I worked at several different call centers in the area. One of them was inside of an older, run-down building in Downtown St. Catharines. Orientation was brief and basically consisted of a tour of the office. Employees on my specific team were encouraged … More Stupid Stuff I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 3