Stupid Shit I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 2

Yesterday we left off at the end of my aspiring veterinary career.  What a lovely story that was too, no? I think my next two jobs were ones I worked at simultaneously–one of which was a part-time job as a bartender/toaster oven chef/waitress at a pool hall in St. Catharines, which was a hot spot … More Stupid Shit I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 2

Stupid Stuff I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 1

Today I’d like to share some stories with you.  This is probably going to be a two-or-three-parter. Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I am probably one of the biggest klutzes on the earth.  I am constantly breaking glassware at home–I have my own designated bucket where I get to put all … More Stupid Stuff I’ve Done, at Work and Elsewhere – Part 1


I sometimes find myself in a rut when it comes to new ideas to write about.  So in the interim, I am going to share a story that I wrote in high school.  I gave it the title “Him”, partially because it was about a guy, but also because I had fallen in love with … More Him

Worry Wart

My last post focused largely on my religious beliefs and my intense fear of death.  On the subject of death, I have definitely noticed that I fear it more now than I ever have before.  I fear losing my fiancé, because I don’t know what I would ever do without him.  And I fear leaving him … More Worry Wart

Choosing My Religion

Sometimes I feel like it would be much easier to be a secular individual.  If I didn’t believe in God, I wouldn’t have to worry about the little things, and I wouldn’t be so stressed out trying to do right by the Lord all the time.  Right would be whatever I deemed it to be, for better … More Choosing My Religion

The Path

If I think back to the way my life used to be, even two years ago, so much has changed so quickly.  My behavior then was extremely self-destructive.  I let anxiety and selfishness rule my life.  I had minimal self-esteem and thrived on attention from other people.  I made poor choices for the thrill of living … More The Path