Ferret Frenzy

I haven’t written much of an update lately.  I meant to write more about life with ferrets, but to be honest with you I was too busy cleaning up after my ferrets.  Lmaooo So… how can I begin to describe what that is like? The first thing I will say is that, for months before … More Ferret Frenzy


My old friend.  It is always with me, even in my dreams.  Always thinking, worrying, stressing, dissecting, overpowering me.  I can sense it coming, in my neck, my jaw, my shoulders, my hips, my hands, my chest, tension spreading through my veins in every direction. Even in the quietest moments, where I am somehow able … More Anxiety…

Good Tidings

So my wedding day is fast approaching.  I have to say how much different everything feels in contrast with my first wedding! First of all, even the simple planning of the event is made that much easier by all of the online resources we have available to us in this day and age.  I was … More Good Tidings


You’ll have to excuse my ignorance, because I’m new at this stage of parenting, but is it just me or do all kids seem like aliens once they hit puberty? My oldest son turned twelve in December.  He has always been more of an independent kid, preferring to either parallel play or just straight-up play … More Teenagers

My Version of our Family Tubing Trip to Horseshoe Valley

I have written reviews of events I’ve attended before, but this one just stands out for a number of reasons. The past few years, there has been a trend at Christmastime, where my father and stepmother will give us an outing or a trip as opposed to gifts.  This is something which I love and … More My Version of our Family Tubing Trip to Horseshoe Valley